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Finances & Thanksgiving Feasts Thumbnail

Finances & Thanksgiving Feasts

Written by: Ciara Cagle, Director of First Impressions and Events

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! As we approach the holiday, consider the financial lessons below and how they relate to your Thanksgiving preparation:

Planning ahead of time

Hosting a Thanksgiving feast requires a great deal of preparation. Between grocery shopping, meal prepping, and family coordinating, there is a lot to do ahead of time. The same goes for your finances, especially in retirement planning. Preparing ahead of time will help you "feast" on your finances successfully over the years. 

Accounting for other people

Thanksgiving is a time to gather and be grateful for our friends and family. When we think of a Thanksgiving meal, we think of a feast for many, not just ourselves! In the same way, your finances impact more than just you; they also affect your loved ones. Whether your financial plans include your spouse, children, grandchildren, or other beneficiaries, you have more than just yourself to look out for. Pineywoods Financial accounts for this and helps strategize the best plan for you and your loved ones.

Staying within your means

This year's Thanksgiving grocery run may add up to a pretty hefty grocery bill (thanks, inflation), so consider strategizing a budget ahead of time. The fine line between where to spend and where to save can be tricky to manage, especially during the Holiday season. The most important thing to remember; be mindful and stay within your means.

Enjoying your hard work and giving thanks!

When all that dinner preparation is complete, there is only one thing left to do; give thanks and enjoy! In the same way, retirement should be a time when you can relax and enjoy all of your hard-earned money.

As you prepare your Thanksgiving feast this holiday season, we hope you will keep a few of these financial parallels in mind. Our team at Pineywoods Financial wishes you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

With any additional questions or concerns about this topic or any other matters, please feel free to call our office today! Pineywoods Financial is here for you and your financial needs. (936) 559-1123