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Financial Management During Retirement

Retirement is a time to sit back and enjoy your years of work and hard-earned money. Yet, many retirees struggle to enjoy their money without a plan. We offer a broad range of plans and solutions customized for your specific needs and goals in retirement.  Below are a few of the many issues that our clients commonly encounter.  

1. How much can we draw annually from our investment portfolio to supplement other sources of retirement income, while still making sure that our portfolio value keeps up with inflation?

2. What are the optimal choices to make for required minimum distributions from our retirement accounts prior to reaching age 70 1/2?

3. What investments should I spend first in retirement – taxable or tax-deferred retirement assets?

4. Should we consider long-term care insurance? What are the key factors to consider?

5. My spouse is not knowledgeable about (or perhaps not interested in) financial matters. Who can my spouse turn to for assistance if I am no longer available to handle our affairs?

We apply a clear, well-defined and objective process to answer these questions and more. Contact us today!